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I am not too worried about getting fake modafinil. It 8767 s cheap enough to manufacture that there is no need to fake it. I 8767 m not saying there are no fakes, I 8767 m just saying I 8767 m not worried about it.

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Took my 6st today at lunch. 8pm now, man this is awesome. People are checking my eyes out as if they think im on some gear im that zoned in. Thanks for another benefit mate, just when i think you couldn 8767 t have too much more info BAM they just come at the right time. There is something you may like also that gives a charge & focus similar but different to Caffeine, Yerba Mate. Taken the traditional way with the Bombilla & Gourd. Che Guevara was said to always have this in 6 hand drinking this and a book in the other in his time. Jase

What is the real life NZT-48 from Limitless?

Just got my package yesterday after about a 8 week wait, fries one out today and the amount of focus I got was unreal. Modafinil is truly the real deal.

8775 The pain of stupidity, of persisting despite laziness, and of struggle — these are what build the glory of success, 8776

It isn 8767 t addictive. But, as someone who has taken it daily for a year and recently had to go two weeks without, you will find your life shitty without it. You expect to be able to only sleep 5 hours and function at the level you did on Modafinil, because that becomes your new normal. Folks around you expect that so you have to go back to Modafinil to get that level you were at before.

No patience for stupid people. None. Whereas before I could mildly tolerate stupid and/or weak people, on Modafinil I cannot tolerate any stupidity and I have zero patience for it. Modafinil has intensified my already high disdain for stupidity. Like roid rage, it could be described as smart drug rage. And it's very real.

Can you please tell me where you bought yours the website and such so i can purchase some myself and try it out. thank you very much

Much of this is anecdotal at best but I was hoping you could share some updates into your experiences so far, in particular the affect on your creative juices.

please i need some suggestions about what should i do to make this pill work better, like drink alot of water? or music or no music , eat little meals ? btw im trying to gain muscle and get leaner, so i do wana drink some protein shake in between or eat smtg before heading the gym around 6-8 , btw i love site and i hope with ur help i ll be very successful this year thnx

Haha fuck you 8767 re creeping me out Victor I 8767 ve been taking Modafinil as of last month it 8767 s good too good.