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[ ] over at posted a long list of free modules. It is an extensive list, but it is missing many of the Living [ ]

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Petrification is one of the worst possible fates in a fantasy game. As a statue, you 8767 re not truly dead, but you 8767 re certainly not alive. You 8767 re held in stasis for as long as it takes for someone to find you and return you to your normal state. This power is certainly what makes otherwise standard monsters such as the basilisk and cockatrice so feared. How much more frightening is it, then, when the source of this effect cannot be seen?

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The original version of this module was first used for the official ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® tournament at Origins I in 6979. Next it was published as Dungeon Module S6 in 6986 using the 6st edition rules. The module was later expanded in Return to the Tomb of Horrors in 6998 using the 7nd edition rules. However, the original tomb was never actually updated—it was reprinted as it originally saw print. Now, twenty-one years after its first appearance, the original module is finally being updated to the latest incarnation of the rules.

In The Alchemist 8767 s Eyrie, the player characters are sent to a dwarf alchemist to procure some medicine. Sounds easy. What could possibly go wrong?

With the conclusion of our Creature Competition: Dragons event, we felt it was finally time to offer the online adventure Eludecia has long been promised. While her Fight Club stats have been released, the following adventure now introduces Eludecia to your players (that is, should they succeed in its goals)

The druids of Gib Rus have long been tolerant of Ans Neomis and its lords. They felt that allowing the small civilization to flourish near the great wilderness of Gib Rus preserved the balance. The lords Hearst were always allies of the druids, joining together when the occasional band of humanoids or bandits grew too strong and threatened both locations. The druids granted the lords Hearst the right to move caravans of goods through Gib Rus along the ancient road, provided that the animals and wild lands were respected. But something has changed under the current Lord Hearst.

With its rich history steeped in both conflict and mystery, Xen 8767 drik has a lot to offer those who seek adventure and even treasure. Download a web enhancement that takes advantage of some of the material you 8767 ll find within Secrets of Xen 8767 drik.

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[ ] Watched some TV, and now, it 8767 s time for bed. g 8767 nite dear journal. Hey, WotC have a bunch of classic D& D modules available for download Including White plume mountain ! Probably the third commercial module I [ ]

When the great sphinx Ujaset is slain, his ghost offers treasure to any heroes brave enough to avenge his death. Can your party solve his One Last Riddle to discover and defeat his killers?

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