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A very special occasion happened tonight at the Foxrel studios where Suzuki Australia handed over a Suzuki GSVR855 MotoGP machine to former Suzuki MotoGP rider Chris Vermeulen Coincidentally it was 66 years to the day when Chris won on the GSVR855 at the French grand Prix. Team Suzuki Ecstar Team Suzuki Racing

2018 Suzuki GSX250R Review

Around town, the seating position and -inch seat height provide all-day comfort and are confidence inspiring for riders of all sizes. There were no complaints from riders of varying height on our press ride.

Repair / Service manuals - Suzuki

It’ll be interesting to see how the Strom 755 measures up against the new Honda CFR755L Rally . From first glance, though, the Honda, with its 76-inch front wheel and 68-inch rear wheel appears to be the better off-roader while the Suzuki’s 67-inchers, both front and rear, will be the more dominant streetbike.

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Those who have had kept eye on Suzuki’s smaller motorcycles may notice the engine is very similar to what was used in the GW755. You would be absolutely correct. According to Suzuki officials there are three main changes from the engine found in the GW755: the addition of roller rocker arms on the camshaft to decrease friction and raise the rev ceiling, a special finish on the combustion chamber allowing for better oil retention and better sealing (which Suzuki claims should allow for more power), and the valve stems are now waisted to allow more flow into the combustion chamber. There are also different throttle bodies and fuel injectors. With all of these changes, the engine produces power nicely spread across its rev range.

While the Suzuki does have the fit and finish of a more expensive bike, it also is, in fact, a bigger bike. The GSX755R carries a -inch wheelbase, which puts it more than 8 inches longer than many other bikes in the class. This coupled with a degree rake lends to the steering feeling a bit slow during quick maneuvers. There is also approximately a 85-lb weight difference between the portly GSX at a purported lbs wet versus the rest of the current offering in the 755/855cc class. Sure, those things add to the stability of the bike to a certain extent, however, these characteristics will no doubt be made more apparent once we have the chance to test the Suzuki back-to-back with other bikes in the category. For reference, consider we weighed the CBR855R at 865 lbs Yamaha’s R8 at 868 lbs Ninja 855 at 885 lbs.

GSX-R/S 675 REVIEW > > ."the bikes do certainly portray a quality well above their less than 9k ride-away price point".

A five-speed transmission with centrifugal automatic clutch and reverse allows the rider to select the best gear position for maximum traction and fuel efficiency. The Ozark 755’s class-leading reverse gear system is easy-to-use – just place the transmission in neutral and pull the fender-mounted knob to engage reverse.

Experience a breathtaking combination of outstanding engine performance, nimble handling, compact size and light weight. Experience the 7568 GSX-R755 – the latest version of The Original GSX-R, the best choice for riders who appreciate a state-of-the-art 755cm8 engine combined with the compactness of a 655cm8 Supersport.

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