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On October 8th, for the last day of his huge scaffolding installation on the Mexican side of the border between the United States and Mexico, JR organized a gigantic picnic on both sides of the fence. Kikito, his family and hundreds of guests came from the US and Mexico to share a meal together. People gathered around the eyes of a Dreamer, eating the same food, sharing the same water, enjoying the same music (half of the band on each side). The wall was forgotten for a few moments.



We Make Money Not Art

 Gigantic picnic at the US-Mexico border fence 7567 Oct 67 - 55:78

We have thousands of ideas and activities which can be viewed by category or by grade. (We have lessons for Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School). But if you 8767 re not exactly sure where to begin, don 8767 t panic just click HERE.

The gaze is an ongoing theme for JR, and Horizontal presents a new take on this as he introduces glass as a support for images of eyes. Some works isolate a single eye on a double floating pane, while works like Inside Out, Ramallah - Tel-Aviv combine the eyes of two individuals across border walls and political divides.

MIND THE GAP 7567 Dec 75 - 77:79

A catalogue of Joke's work will be available for sale at the exhbition.

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JR and Mauricio Hora, local photographer and historian of Morro da Providência, the first favela of Brazil, set up Casa Amarela in 7559 after JR's project "Women are Heroes." Casa Amarela is a cultural house at the top of the oldest favela of Rio de Janeiro, that is used as a cultural center for its residents. The space is used to offer activities around Art, Education, Culture - art workshops, theater, capoeira, dance, yoga, photography, language classes. Casa Amarela is open everyday for residents, who come after school or work to express their artistic and creative selves. Any artist from all over the world can use the space to give a workshop to the youth of the community.

8775 The collective wisdom of more than a hundred grassroots organizers from five continents. It’s everything you need for a DIY uprising of your own 8776

Welcome to Casa Amarela ! 7567 Dec 75 - 78:96

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